VINEA discovers new value of information

Discover new value of the information

VINEA means Vine Garden (vineyard)

We, VINEAN, add our own technology & experience to the raw (unprocessed) data and generate the value-added information with taste & flavor, as the grape grower (Viner) vinify sweet flavor of wine from grapes harvested in their vineyard.

We, VINEAN, would like to be a prolonged partner with customers through new value creation based on people-oriented and transparent corporation management philosophy with open minded & creative innovation.

VINEA pursues and creates a clean vineyard.

2016. 12 Relocated HQ (to 3rd FL, SINSIN Building, Wolpyeong-dong)
2016. 05 Increased Capital
2015. 09 Approved Exclusive R&D Division(by KOITA)
2015. 07 Transferred ‘Big data mining technology (which is0 capable for progressive (gradual) data learning from KISTI
2015. 05 Granted Certificate of Trade & Business Code
2015. 04 Verified Direct manufacturing of SME (small & medium sized enterprises)
2015. 03 became an official member of KOSA (Korea S/W Industry Association)
Relocation of HQ (to Biz Incubation Center at Mokwon Univ.)
2015. 01 Registered S/W Business License
Foundation of VINEA

VINEA will do its best effort to increase (add) the teste and flavor to the grape.

Data Biz – Currently, participated in high quality of data management project for Academic Literature information and its management by conducting database management & architecture

  • · Korea Citation Index(KCI) Analysis– National Research Foundation of Korea
  • · Academic Essay (Thesis) Database Build & DB Quality Control – KISTI
  • · Administrative (Operational) Records Database Management System
  • · E-Journal Subscription Value Service - KISTI

R&D Project – Try the best effort to maintain and secure core Technologies investing in research base for Information System and Management & Scholarship (Academic) Literature.

  • · Big data mining module & Interface Develpoment– Technology transferred by KISTI
  • · Facility stability and maintenance service based on Multi-tenant environment supported Linked open-data Cloud base

System Integration – To satisfy with customers’ System Integration Requirements through our past experience in Public Institute and Research Agency, based on our various Technical Skill & Power and environments.

  • · BIC STAR Library Open Contents Collection System – KAIST
  • · Winguard Cloud Server Platform Development Project – Seong Kwang
  • · Service for non-profit organization and its operation– Financial Management System

You may ascertain (find out) VINEAN’s (executives & staff members) desire for the dream of blissful community


VINEA Co., Ltd.
(zcode)34127 38, Jukdong-ro 297beon-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel : 042-716-0095 / Fax : 042-716-0096